M.A.C.E. – Remastered 1

Our Goal

As our M.A.C.E. Space Shooter is currently available on AmigaOS and mobile platforms, the next step is to bring it to the windows desktop. We hope that it will be available on Steam and Windows 10 App Store as soon as possible. Beside of porting this game to windows, our EntwicklerX game engine will work on windows based systems for our upcoming 2D and 3D games.

Windows version of EntwicklerX Game Engine (eXGE)

As AmigaOS 4.x is one of our target platform and our favorite hobby operating system, we had to build our own game engine instead of using an available engine like Unity or Unreal Engine. None of this Engines are available on AmigaOS. EntwicklerX Game Engine (short eXGE) is grown over the years and runs now on AmigaOS, Apple iOS, Windows Phone, Google Android, Blackberry OS and Xbox Indies. It was designed to be lightweight and portable from beginning so the step to windows is not a big deal. After some days we had a first working prototype, currently it works completely in 2D and 3D based on OpenGL. The focus is not to bring a full blown up game engine, it grows up with our games and the needed techniques.

For M.A.C.E. Space Shooter, we use a 2D Open GL based subsystem, it works very good also on low end devices.

maceRemastered1First run of M.A.C.E. on Windows 10!

M.A.C.E. on desktop – new features

There are some peoples who think that M.A.C.E. for desktop systems is just a port from a mobile game. It is NOT! From beginning, it is designed to work in FullHD resolution, keyboard and controller support. As we have an AmigaOS version, this was the first desktop version of the game.

As the game is on the market some time, we have a list of suggestions and features we want to include in the next version. Some of them are gameplay based (more variations, weapons, enemies) and some graphic based (reworked graphics).

Our Feature list

– new enemies (cool animations included)
– adjustments for a more challeging and entertaining gameplay
– reworked graphincs for enemies and the player ship
– optimized for keyboard, mouse and game controller
– 2 player coop multiplayer mode
– FullHD, 60fps smooth gameplay
– 3d mode for 3D TV´s
– gimmick: retro scanline mode (remember the good old times)

maceWip01work in progress of a new big enemy