Some work in progress updates referring to our „Emotion – Mediaplayer for AmigaOS“ Project. Thanks for your support!

Feb 07, 2017 – Frank Menzel

Emotion ARexx Port is now finished, it now supports 31 Arexx commands.

volume, seek,
get/set subtitles,video,audiotracks

Jan 23, 2017 – Frank Menzel

Since last report i’ve done some more work on the decoding part, the main reason was, that the decoding of mpeg4 codecs ist much slower on FFMpeg V3 as on the older V2.2 release.
To find the best working version i had to have compile 6 different versions of ffmpeg, going back from newest Version to older one.

The subtitle processing works now properly.
The UTF8->UTC4 conversion is done with the new AmigaOS4.1 FE utility.libray functions and the rendering with use of AmigaOS GlyphEngine.

So you can even display Japanese subtitles if your font supports this 😉


Some more display settings have been implemented. e.g. disabling bilinear filtering in composite rendering, window always on top or hide of the window GUI.

The player doesn’t start a new instance on default too, so you can switch between movies with double click on the movie file

Dec 12, 2016 – Frank Menzel

The work on subtitle support has begun


Dec 09, 2016 – Frank Menzel

Emotion now supports multiple audio and video streams, they can now be switched while playing.



It also shows now more information about the media file and the supported HW accelerations.


Drag and Drop is now supported, as well as open from ASL File Requester.

And last but not least a proper recent list with progress save 😀

Nov 14, 2016 – Frank Menzel

puh short update about ffmpeg library.

My work the last 14 days consisted of exporting all necessary functions (1005 at number) to make the ffmpeg libraries completely usable (not only for media players) and separate this
to the individual libraries:

not needed by emotion but still ported:

Some of this libraries are also depending on each other, so i must export some internal functions too.
On top of that they are now able to detect at run time, if altivec is available, so there not separate altivec versions needed.


Oct 15, 2016 – Frank Menzel

First try of the new „work in progress“ shared library, the Emotion program size is now reduced from 15 MB to 150 kb


Oct 12, 2016 – Frank Menzel

I have just set up my old Sam440 flex to try the current Emotion build, i think the Xvid 640×360 avi format performs perfect on this hardware:

Emotion is also now built with ffmpeg V3 library and big file support:


Sep 20, 2016 – Frank Menzel

Emotion running on Amiga One X1000 and a short streaming test:

Sep 20, 2016 – Thomas Claus

A short video of Emotion Video Player running on my Sam460: